A. EMOM 12 minutes; DL x3 @ 70% of 1RM – speed focus – 126kg. Hips might have been a bit high. More glutes and lower back than hamstrings, I think.
10 push ups
10 strict pull ups – 9:44.61. Pull ups were limiter. Especially rear right side. Had to do doubles and singles as of second round. Push ups were fine. Was hard to keep ribcage down and neck was protruding out.
For time:
1k row
20 walking lunges
15 inverted rows or ring rows – inverted row is w/ a barbell
10 thruster 45#
1k row – 11:21. Didn’t go nuts during initial row. Last row was pretty tough. Rows were limiter; either lats and traps weren’t firing properly or the were smoked. Felt like arms were doing all the work. Right quad and abductors were playing up during final row.