A. Low Bar back squat; build to a tough set of 5 – video last set – 120kg x 5. Last couple of reps were pretty tough. Video cut out just as I stepped away from the rack. Ugh.
B. Half Kneeling 1-arm DB Press @30×1; 6-8/arm x4; Rest 90 seconds between sides – Rx 20kg, 22kg (left side struggled from rep #5), 22kg (a lot of pressure right pelvis during last 3 reps on left side); Rx right side, 7×1, 22kg left side.
C1. Barbell Bench Press @22×1 cluster; 5.3.1 x4; Rest 60 seconds – Some guy was hogging the bench so had to use DBs. Rx 22kg, 32kg, 32kg, 32kg. Am I right in saying that the first set is five reps, then the second set is 3 reps, then so on and so on?
C2. Plank; 60 seconds x4; Rest 2 minutes – No probs.
10 minutes @ 80%
10 DL 225#
12 burpees
500 meter row – 2 rounds 15 reps. Dos were pretty tough; had to break ’em up. Hips started quite high as I started to fatigue; mostly during second round.

Rest 3:00

10 minutes @ 80%
20 kb swings 2 pood
15 meter bear crawl
50 DU – 3 rounds 11 reps. Was pretty gassed. Especially during DUs. Bear crawls smoked my shoulders.