A. Box Squat; build to a heavy set of 3 in 12 minutes – video please, about 24″ should be good – 170kg. Actually felt like I could have comfortably gone heavier
B. Tall kneeling DB Press; 4-6×4; Rest 2 minutes – 1 arm at a time if necessary for mobility – Rx 18kg, 22kg, 24kg; 4×1, 26kg (left sh was limiter)
C1. HR push ups; 5-7×4; Rest 60 seconds – feet elevated so you can only get 5-7
C2 Half kneeling cable chop; 5-70/side x4; Rest 90 seconds – send video – Rx 7.9kg, 12.5kg. Left side harder than right; a lot of tension in right adductor during last set on left side.
20 minutes @ 80%
20 kb swing 2 pood
15 burpees
10 cal row – 5 rounds 20 reps. Burpees killed me. Started with 5×3 with a couple of secs in between, to 3×5 with five to ten secs in between.

A. DL; 3-5×4; Rest 2 minutes – Rx 120kg, 120kg, 140kg, 140kg. Didn’t feel much hamstring. Mostly lower back and right glute
B. EMOM 8 minutes
odd; strict pull up x5 + 20 DU
even; 10 push ups – As strict as I could whilst trying to do it with speed. Prob. didn’t go all the way down a few times.
10 RFT
200 meter run
10 burpees – 19:43.82 breathing was fucked. Shoulders were on fire, esp. during run
15 sets
10 anti-rotation lunges – take KB hold it to your side as you reverse lunge, but make sure it goes over flexed hip – it will force T spine rotation and protect low back – 5 per side, 1.5 pood preferred
400 meter jog
Rest 60 seconds
– all rounds within 5 seconds or terminate – 2:52, 2:46, 2:44, 2:56. Gym got super busy, so rather than bumping into people on my way out / in the gym, I jumped on the rower.

A. EMOM 8 minutes; BS @ 70% of 1RM x3 – speed focus here – one day a week you go heavy, one day a week you go fast 🙂 – 105kg. First couple of sets were a bit sketchy – tried to go to fast and don’t think I braced adequately. Felt like I was going to sprain the base of my spine. Also shifted weight towards toes a fair bit during 8 mins. Quads felt like they were going to cramp up.
B. 10 month seated DB press; 6-8×4; Rest 2 minutes – Rx 18kg, 20kg: 7×1, 22kg; 5×1, 22kg. Def recovering faster and getting stronger ‘cos 20kg was relatively easy.
C. 5 minute AMRAP – max TGU @ 1.5 pood – 6 reps. Was in the middle of 7th rep but had to drop KB as fatigue kicked in.
100 meter farmer walk 70# per hand
30 DU – 22:43. DUs were fine. Limiter was HSPUs. Started to struggle after second round. Had to break them up into doubles. Grip went after second / third round.